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Hotel Management System

simplifies and automates day to day management operations of a hotel by packing together a software system that does not require a tech guru to deploy or operate it.

All aspects of running a hotel, of any star rating are covered by MonkHMS and is functionally ready for integration with security systems or any legacy software used by the hotel.

Its easy to use sub-systems have been designed keeping in mind its end users - to provide greater ability to adapt to a newer, efficiency oriented system.

Student and classes’ distribution by Grades

Student Statistics with Age, Status, and Registration status

Student distribution as per Grade, Nationality, and Gender

Students as Residential Zones

Student distribution as Grade, Nationality, Registration Status

Transferred Student From/To School

Student Optional Subjects Report

Students Essential and Optional Report

Cont. Students Lists

Social Security Students

Student Absence Report

Student Absence

Transferred Students

Health reports

School Immunization Report

Dental Report

Report Designer

Notifications Reports

Certificate of Behavior

Student Acceptance Notification

Student Absence Notification

Parent Notify for Student Matter

Parents Council Invitation

Medical Transfer Letter

Vaccination Notification

Report Notification

Latency Report

Activities Groups List

Daily Situations

Terminated Students

Accepted Students and not Accepted Students In School


Single window multi login system.(Maintain multi branches in single server. It’s used for reduce work pattern)

Work with online/offline

Fully web based software

Fully support for mobile software

We are connecting website rooms availability and HMS rooms availability

Interlink between website and HMS

Generating Daily sales E-mail report Front office manager

We are providing open source application

Automatic SMS / E-MAIL Integration from sender to receiver

In Daily Basis Automatic Daily collection report will be send to Managing Heads

Door Locking System

Bio-Metric Integration with Payroll

In Wifi, We provide a individual username and password to each customers, we can set limit

We Generate following Bills in our software

Credit Report

Credit Collection Bill

Laundry Billing

Laundry View Sales

Travel Desk

Mini Bar Bill


Purchase Bill Entry

Current Stock Report

Stock Indent(Issue Store to Kitchen)


Balance Stock Report

Consumption Report

Used Report

Purchase Report


Today Expense entry category and sub category wise

Financial Year Budget entry

Account view

Budget View

Profit and loss Report



Add Employee

Add salary Details

Add Advance Details

Leave Management

Automatic and manual attendance entry

Bio Matric Integrated with software

ESI PF calculation

Generate pay slip